An Innovative Ground Improvement Technique using Human Hairs and Sodium Polyacrylate

  • Abdullah Ansari , Dr. Prashant B Daigavane


In this modern era of rapid development, solid waste has emerged as a great challenge due to its increased rate of generation. The accumulation of solid waste is very hazardous to the environment as well as human health. Disposal of solid waste is one of the serious global issues faced by the world. So, we have tried to utilize human hairs which form a part of solid waste, for improving the soil. Our main objective was to find whether solid waste materials such as human airs can contribute to construction industry based upon its suitability. It would prove to be an economical solution when used for reinforcing the soil replacing the conventionally used fibre products. The soil sample has been tested for Atterberg’s consistency limits, compaction test and unconfined compression test. The laboratory tests show that inclusion of human hairs improved the engineering properties of soil. The test using chemical compound sodium polyacrylate with human hairs is not executed till now, but it is under process.