Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using Terrazyme

  • Abdullah Ansari , Dr. Prashant B Daigavane


     Bio-enzyme is a naturally available non toxic and non flammable liquid enzyme formulation which is fermented from vegetable extracts resulting into the higher soil compaction densities and increases the soil stability. The main functions are catalyzing the reactions between the clay and the organic cations and to increase the speed of the cationic exchange process. It can be mixed with water at optimum moisture content and then it is sprayed over compacted soil. In present study, black cotton soil with varying index properties have been tested for stabilization process and the strengths of the stabilized soil were evaluated after the curing period of 0 days, 14 days, 21 days and 28 days for various enzyme quantities 200ml/3m3, 200ml/2.5m3, 200ml/2m3, 200ml/1.5m3. The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test and Unconfined Compressive strength (UCS) test done for the soil specimen. From the test results, it is clear that bio-enzyme stabilization improves the strength of black cotton soil up to great extent, which indicate the bearing capacity and the resistance to deformation increases in case of stabilized soil. An attempt has been made to study the properties of soil modified with the bio-enzyme, in order to use this technology for cricket pitch as well as low volume roads. Based on laboratory findings, field trials were carried out by using bio-enzyme in some of roads in India. However, in case of leather ball cricket pitch in schools and college, it gets damaged due to weathering action mostly rain and use of ground for multiple games, and improper maintenance of ground. Bio-enzyme Terrazyme stabilized the pitch soil and increases the durability of pitch.