The PAPR reduction by using SLM and clipping in high speed OFDM systems

  • Thorramamidi Mounika, Vulpala Madhavi


The goal of this paper is to analyze PAPR reduction performance in 5G communication. 5G communication technology is beyond 4G and LTE technology and To reduce the PAPR several PAPR reduction techniques have been proposed Tone injection and companding are two promising techniques, which are used in PAPR reduction of multicarrier communication system. In this paper a combined scheme of tone injection and companding is used, which gives significant performance improvement compared to the tone injection and companding techniques taken separately. Simulation is performed to analyses the PAPR and BER performance of FBMC-FMT and FBMC-SMT system. Also a new clipping based PAPR reduction scheme is proposed in this paper. For this scheme simulation is performed to analyze the PAPR performance of FBMC-FMT, FBMC-SMT and FBMC-CMT system. All the simulations are performed in MATLAB.