The Impact Of Demographic Variables Of Customers Of Nationalized Banks On Online Banking

  • Asst. Prof. Sumita Joshi


Currently, the Banking Sector is experiencing dynamics in technology. The reasons for these dynamics are endlessly varying customer expectations and enhanced technological proficiencies. The growing competition from Fin-tech start-ups has introduced the use of technology to create distinctive customer experiences in banking & financial services. This has enforced the large banks to respond by innovating new banking practices. Banks are providing online banking services, as this would improve their profits. Since internet banking in India is in its emerging stage, it is essential for e-banking institutions to enhance acceptance and usage of the internet by their customers. The threat of cyber-security has made banks to be alert during online transactions than before. The banking sector is ready for disruption. Technological innovation is largely used by the banking sector to create competitive intelligence and   competitive   advantage   as   it helps banks to improve their services and cost-effectiveness as fewer employees and fewer traditional branches are needed. There is an utmost need that customers must learn and understand the importance of online banking. Hence the researcher conducted a study to find out the impact of demographic variables on online banking.