A Study on the Role of Social Media Platform in Recruitment Process (Social Recruiting)

  • Mr. Somnath Hadalgekar


To stay connected in the competitive world of new generation employment market, e marketers are using new online tools and techniques to recruit these emerging generation of workers. Many recruiters are realized that traditional recruitment process takes too much of time and cost to recruit few potential candidates. Social media recruiting is also called as social recruiting, social hiring, social recruitment is the process of hiring potential candidates via social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, job boards, blogs, online forums, snapchats, YouTube and other websites. Social recruitment has some benefits over traditional recruitment such as social media will increase the speed of employment, reducing the cost and time of recruitment, target your ideal job candidates, huge availability of jobseekers, increase visibility of brand and improve the quality of recruitment and services. Social recruiting is more popular now days hence professional are following companies on social media. Finding top talent, attracting potential candidates is not easy so effective social media recruitment strategy must be in existence. There are many types of Social Networking Sites (SNS) used for social recruitment. Out of which LinkedIn is at top position followed by Facebook, Twitter and many more. As per SHRM report it can be seen LinkedIn is at top position and most effective for social recruiting. LinkedIn report says that 196 million users are from Asia Pacific which 27% of total global population. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence like technology will be used to engage followers in future.