Women Social Entrepreneurs: A catalyst towards women empowerment and sustainability

  • Mr. Rustum H Darade, Dr. Alpesh Nasit, Prof. Rajeev V Sawant


The social entrepreneurship field is rising speedily and appealing augmented consideration from many sectors. Women are not behind in any of the field worldwide.  The numerous motives behind the fame of Women Social Entrepreneurship (WSE) are understood though different success stories and the literature. On the utmost basic level, there are somewhat fundamentally interesting and appealing facts about Social Entrepreneurs and their stories, why they do their act, how they do it and what they achieved. The Peoples are concerned to social entrepreneurs like Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kailash Satyarthi, and Malala Yousafzai who worked for social cause.

Women Social Entrepreneurs (WSE) signify an exceptionally varied cross-section of businesspersons, as in the ways that they can conduct and control their activities (business) as well as the goals which they are keeping in mind to complete with their creativities.