Decoding Organizational Culture propagated through diverse teams-Pacing towards agile workplaces

  • Priyanka Darekar,Dr. Vijayshri Mehtha


 Incorporating diverse people and their perspectives has become a major concern for every organization. Diverse employees allow synergetic effects to organizations, where the variety of experiences, attitudes, and viewpoints lead to better team performance. Organizational culture is a symbol of the unwritten feeling part of the organization and it is often believed that it is so intangible and persistent that even the members of the organization cannot be relied upon to make an accurate description of it. The paper investigates the organizational culture aspects due to diversity in teams at the workplace. A detailed survey of employees in this regard was conducted and a positive relationship was established between diversity and organizational culture. The HR Managers should gauge the diversity angle in teams and help employees to be a part of a more inclusive and accommodative organizational culture.  Hence, we can state that understanding culture makes organizations aware, appreciate the diversity in teams at the workplace making them more agile and flexible.