A study of work-life balance of women employees during work from home in the period of COVID-19

  • Manjushri Janardan Yadav, Sadhana Jadhav –Tilekar


The concept of work-life balance is a burning issue in all sector. Due to globalization many employees are working in different shifts which is resulting in getting very less time to spend with families and friends. Since past some decades the work life balance issue has given a lot of attention by the researchers. Specially women employees are facing more challenges in balancing their family life and work responsibilities. Corona pandemic situation has brought a concept of work from home for many sectors. Lockdown period has encouraged the industries to allow employees to work from home. During this lockdown period all family members were at home. Children had online classes so it is very stressful for women to manage their all responsibilities. This paper is mainly to find out the causes of imbalance and benefits of balance between work and family during work from home. Women plays an important role in family and hence organization must support to work-life balance policies. In this paper researcher found that women employees are suffering from some health issues and they are satisfied by working from home so researcher suggests and recommend the organizations can come up with some strategies to improve the work-life balance policies and practices to organizations with special reference to women employees.