A Study On Investor’s Awareness Level And Factors Influencing Investor’s Decesion In Commodity Market

  • Prof. Indrajeet Bharat Kole, Ankita Sandesh Raut


For today’s Morden scenario investment in commodity markets are an ideal investment for investors. Now-a-days in India investors can trade into the commodities electronically. This study has undertaken to evaluate the “Investor’s awareness level about the commodity market and the “factors influencing investors decision while investing into the commodity market”. The study has three primary objectives, namely, to identify the investor’s awareness level in the commodity market, to study the association of demographic variables (Gender, Income level, Occupation) and awareness level of investors in the commodity market, and to identify what are the main factors which influence invertor’s decision while investing into the commodity market. The study also has two secondary objectives namely, to identify the preference of the investors from commodity market and to identify whether the investors are aware about the risk associated with commodity market. The data for this research paper is collected from both primary and secondary sources. For primary data collection structured questionnaire is used. Data from 100 individual respondents were collected through a structured questionnaire. Further the secondary data is collected from books, Journals, Research papers, websites and newsletter. For analysis of data Independent sample test and One-way ANOVA test is used. The result of the study that most of the investors are male i.e. is out of 100, 51 respondents are male. Most of the respondents are falls in the age group of 18-25 years and the income of most of the respondents is less than rupees 20,000. Most of the respondents having occupation are a private employee and most of the respondents are from a graduate educational background. The study suggested that there is need to provide awareness programme to potential investors in order to make them aware about the commodity market. Also, there is need to create awareness among different sets of investors about the commodity market. It is important to inform the benefits availed from commodity market, to least qualified people.