The Future Of Social Entrepreneurship Inindia

  • Dr. Pratibha Upadhye,Prof. Pranjali Deshpande


Social Entrepreneurship is an involvement of social work appellations to describe the system of social changes on a major impactful scale compared to traditional NGO’s. Social entrepreneurship has become the buzz word in India & around the World. Researchers have found that this new Concept is the study of Voluntary Non-profit Organizations. Social entrepreneurship in India is emerging primarily because the government is very keen not only on its awareness, funding, advising but also by enabling it. Social entrepreneurships different from economic entrepreneurship as its basic objectives is not to earn profit but for providing creative solutions to meet social needs.

The focus of this research paper is to study the new trends of Social entrepreneurship in India. This will also give a brief Idea of different theories of Social Entrepreneurship, challenges faced by Social Entrepreneurs in India. This paper will support activities of Social Entrepreneurs & Social Entrepreneurship ventures in India.

This may be advantageable in future empirical studies on the subject