An effect of “Zero Moment of Truth” on Gen Z consumer’s buying decisions process in Pune City

  • Dr. Nandini Desai, Dr. Kunal Patil


In the contemporary marketing era, it is essential to study the socio- economic background of the customers. In the modern marketing Gen-z customers are playing the role of influencers. They have that power to modify and change the decision making powers of other customers. They have unique decision making style and since, all other generations refer them for their purchase decisions. It is essential for the marketers to study their decision making style adopted by the Gen – Z customers.  

Generation Z consumers are the first generation to become techno savvy. They are using technology since their birth.  In India, technological advancement is a key for many organizations. Since, it is available and essential Gen z customers are using it and they are recognized as most techno and digital savvy generation. The modern market place is in the pocket of these customers.  It is a digital market place where virtual transactions have great importance.  The information about the products/ brands is easily available.  Consumer’s purchase decision making process has been radically altered and new perspective has been noticed by the marketers. 

A unique decision making process is adopted by the Gen z customers. They need different   information at different stages and they are trying to get it from the variety of places. First moment of truth (FMoT) and Zero Moment of Truth (ZMoT) are the concepts were introduced by the marker experts. First moment of truth, highlights the consumers store experience when he enters and come across with the brand/ products on shelves. However, the ZMoT is the moments experienced by the customers before entering in to the store. Consumers online research phase can be considered by the marketers.

The Zero moments of truth considers the consumer behavior related to the online research prior to the buying decision.  Gen- Z consumers are more attached to electronic Word of Mouth (e-WoM) and they are using it for more informed buying decisions. This research is an attempt to discover the effect of zero moments of truth on actual buying behavior of Gen Z for electronic appliances. It is essential to study the pre purchase stage of the customer’s buying journey.  This will help organizations to understand and influence the same with effective strategies. This research paper is an attempt to understand the effect of ZMoT on the decision making process on Gen- Z customers.  Qualitative research method was adopted and grounded theory approach was considered to figure out the facts related to the phenomena.