Influence of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Purchase Intention.

  • Dr. Kunal Patil, Dr. Nandini Desai, Nikita Nimsarkar


Social media marketing is a ruling tool for organization and marketers to market their product or service to customers. It is easier for organization to generate lead, reach as many of the customers through digital mode. This digital platform gives a wide perspective of creativity and working to grab potential customers. In this study focus was on social media marketing and how it shows an impact on consumer purchase intention. The main three factors considered are social media advertisement, electronic word of mouth and trustworthiness. Data was collected from 182 respondents selected by convenience sampling method. Data analysis is done through IBM SPSS 24.0 software by using multiple liner regression. According to the data analysis it is found that among the three factors electronic word of mouth and trustworthiness shows the significant impact on consumer purchase intention and social media advertisement fails to any impact. It has also been found that youth are mostly active on social media and likely to purchase through social media websites and the most preferred social media is Facebook.