Women Empowerment through Education and Micro-Finance in Rural Areas of Assam

  • Dr. Diganta Kumar Das


 Education is measured as a significant instrument for every person for both social and economical development. As a multi-dimensional process, empowerment enables women/a set of women to recognize their distinctiveness and power in all spheres of life. There is a direct involvement of education which contributes the development of national income by improving the creative capacity of work force. Women in India are the core and family care takers in the households. Their empowerment through education is the key issues considered in the recent years.  Putting extra income before their hands makes their improvement in the standard of living too. Microfinance through SHGs is the only way to upgrade women’s education by participating in different social and economic activities. An attempt has been made by the present study to know the women empowerment through education and Microfinance in Assam with particular reference to flood effected district like Lakhimpur. 40 SHGs have been randomly selected from four development blocks in Lakhimpur district having equal number of SHGs to each development blocks. Again five members were randomly selected from each sample SHGs. The study found that, after joining the groups most of the women have not only socially upgraded but also economically benefited and they were now improve their reading and writing skills in the study area.