New Technological Interventions Pertaining to Hospitality Industry to gain Competitive Advantage during Covid-19 Pandemic.

  • Dr. Seema Zagade, Anandsingh Marwad


The world is on the threshold of recovering from the pandemic COVID-19. The pandemic has put the safety and security of the guests as a prime focus for every industry. The Hospitality industry is all geared up to welcome the guests while adapting to the newer technological trends which assure guest safety and security to handle crisis. The industry has realised the value of technology which acts as a catalyst in providing guest satisfaction while reducing the operational inefficiency. The Hotels which are quick to adapt to the technology would be ahead in the business as compared to the ones which are late. The reassurance of the technological applications at various touch points will add value and satisfaction from the customer’s perspective. The industry has been quick to adapt strategies for efficient management of the crisis. Implementation of safe and hygienic practices to handle guests with inclusion of technology has increased. The staff has undergone systematic training sessions to handle any crisis situation. In this paper we would explore the new technological interventions which the Hotels have adapted to enhance value perception while assuring health safety and confidence. The adaption to the new technology is increasing the expectations of the guests and even the hospitality operators to add competitive advantage. The paper will carry a qualitative research to understand how the hotels adapt the new ways to deal with crisis which impacts the industry in the adverse manner.  A study of literature from articles and papers in Scopus Journals, Web of science, Google Scholar, UGC Care journals, Previously publishes articles in leading Hospitality Magazines will be reviewed for the completion of the paper.