A Study Of Tourism Choices For Weekend Holidays Post Unlock 5.0 In And Around Pune City

  • Ms. Priyanka Shetty, Ms. Juhi Bhagwat


The main focus of the tourism department in India post UNLOCK was state tourism as still there were restrictions on travel for the international travelers and interstate travelers. Pune re-known by the oxford of the east is considered as one of the cultural and educational hub of Maharashtra. Many people travel for different purpose to Pune. When the pandemic hit globally, Pune was one of the city who majorly got impacted in terms of tourism. The city found out many ways to revive and one of the best possible tourism options were weekend tourism. Weekend tourism is where people travel to places nearby on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday for recreation, adventure, pilgrimage, sports, wellbeing and many more.

This research paper aims to find out the tourism trend in and around Pune city post UNLOCK 5.0. The paper will first study the impact of COVID-19 on tourism in Pune city through secondary data. The primary data will be collected through questionnaire to find out the future tourist trend in Pune city for weekend tourism. This paper will consider the different tourist choices for selecting a tourism destination before COVID-19 and after UNLOCK 5.0 in and around Pune city.