"A Study Of Promotional Activities Carried By Culinary Tourism Around Pune After COVID-19"

  • Mrudula Rakesh Jadhav


Eating is one of our physiological need even when at home or during travel. Hence to full fill this need food & beverage sector has step into tourism sector as Culinary Tourism.There are so many examples which shown that tourists spend major amount of their budget on food while travelingsuch as, Telfer and Wall [1] suggest that tourist spends 33% of total expenditure on food & beverage, while the Singapore Tourism Board (2007) marked that tourist spend more than S$1.5 billion or about 15% of international tourists’ total spending on Food & beverage.

Culinary destination is also considered as a one of the elements of cultural element of destination. But due to this pandemic situation government of India has announced a lockdown because of which hospitality& tourism sector suffered a lot globally & widely.

 India draws million of tourist every year as “Athithi Devo Bhava” conviction which providing its Indian Hospitality services to the guest. That contributed about 9% of India’s GDP. But during covid 19 situation hospitality sector which is unable to open & even after lockdown not having sufficient business. Hospitality industry has reopened with new normal i.e. with new rules & regulations.

This paper is the attempt to understand & explore the culinary tourism post covid 19 new normal of hospitality & tourism Industry of pune city. More over to study the promotional activities taken by culinary tourism of pune city.