The Concept Of Home Cooks And Its Entrepreneurial Business Potential During And Post COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Ms. Manasi Sadhale, Ms. Aditi Joshi


Home cooks concept has got a large impetus in recent times and is fast emerging as a trend in India. Insufficient funds, place constraint and cautious approach to invest in a formal culinary business set up has led to people thinking  of a home-based business option. This concept is being used by many small entrepreneurs to start their business.  When the world dealt with phasing lockdown due to the current pandemic; it took a severe toll on the hospitality and travel industry. However, as it is human nature to re-invent the way we see ourselves when put against a challenge of this magnitude the good outcome is seen in the form of a surge in home cooks starting a new venture due to multiple reasons. Most home cooks have turned their home cooking business into a profitable one. Due the pandemic, some people lost their professional jobs, but found respite in the cooking skills they had. This led them to explore turning their hobby to a home cooking business. A lot of housewives, supply traditionally cooked food to patrons which is not available in the restaurants in terms of authenticity and local delicacies. Preparing these has fetched niche home cooks to earn a good amount of money. Five star hotels also order food from home cooks for their guests who have special dietary needs. Many hotels offer certain local dishes made by home cooks on their buffets and menus leading to the demand of expert home cooks. Home cooking can be seen as a sustainable form of business as one would cook only according to orders to begin with. Cooking from home gives one the flexibility of working hours, the amount of order to be taken, the supply and marketing of food, and menu designing. Home cooks have the choice to design own recipes, product line and change the menu and make customized orders. The creativity is immense and the choice to innovate is as per the comfort of the home cook. Home cooks have great potential in terms of business. There is a big market or an area of business which can fill the gap between what is available in the market and it is to be seen whether it really fulfils the gap in demand. Home cooking has a good response as people prefer eating a home-cooked meal as it is nutritional, a smaller number of spices are used, oil is controlled and food is cooked in smaller quantities as compared to the restaurants. Overall, the food is easier on the palate and one can eat every day without any attached health issues.


Today’s lifestyle is fast-paced where everyone is busy running to work especially in metro cities. People look for such home cooks who can supply the food on regular basis. Not only is the food of good quality also it is healthy. Innovation is seen in supply of home cooked meals for example food is sold for weight loss is specially cooked for a weight loss package. Home cooks are producing innovative foods so the customers have variety and choose tasty diet food which will help them lose weight. 

The researchers undertook this study on home cooks as it is a growing business idea and one can easily start supplying food from home with minimal investment and easily procured licenses etc. Home cooking business saw growth during and post COVID-19 pandemic as people could not order food from restaurants as they were non functional during  the lockdown.