Cloud As A Centralized Repository For Education Institutes

  • Prof. Swati D. Ghule, Dr. AnupGiridhar


The increasingly complex infrastructure-environment management, development goals and rapidly changing technology pose new kinds of challenges to education sector.Cloud computing, which offers software, platform, and infrastructure services, focuses on effective use ofshared resources to achieve economies of scale and coherence. Education institutions, both public as well as private can take the potential advantage of cloud computing to make sure high quality service regardless of the marginal resources available. Cloud computing is taking a center stage in education because of its various benefits. Various educational institutions use different cloud-based applications provided by the service providers to make sure that their students and other users can perform both academic as well as business-related tasks.The solutions given by the cloud platformguarantees that the research and development, as well as the teaching is more sustainable and efficient, which positively influence the quality of teaching learning process within educational institutions.Thus, this paper will highlight the benefits associated with the use of cloud computing in education institutions. This has headed to numerouseducation institutions implementing cloud technology as analternative to several technological challenges they face on a daily routine.Universities can also take benefit of available cloud-based applications offered by service providers and enable their ownusers/students to perform business and academic tasks.