A Holistic Framework To Protect Privacy &Security In Iot Based Smart Home

  • Supriya Nagarkar, Dr.Vikas Prasad


Since ever Emergence of the Internet, the emergence of Smart Home Automation has spread and made Home users lives convenient, comfortable and secure. With the progression of digital technology new smart devices, smart TVs, Smart refrigerators,Security cameras and Smart air conditioners including tablet PCs, have expanded their Domains from individuals to business and houses.Smart home services as a human-entered services have gained much attention.It is the environment wherein householdGadgets and smart devices are connected to the internet in order to provide control to user services. The latest smart home system focuses simply on wireless home network to execute the connected home properties.The connected Smart home faces several types of safety and privacy threats and Threats.As a result, Home users may suffer a monetary loss from information spill or hacking of home appliances. Therefore, the protection of smart devices should be taken into account in implementing smart home service to the environments. This paper, tries to propose aholistic securityand privacy protectiveframework in a smart home environment. The framework is divided into components like Key objectives, Users, Physical infrastructure, Supporting mechanism, and finally guidelines. We assume that the comprehensive Framework designed in this paper can be served as a foundation for potential designers of smart home solutions based on the IoT.