“Impact of Lockdown in Covid-19 on Hospitality and Tourism Industry of India- A Review”

  • Dr. Geetali Tilak


Travel restrictions rose due to COVID-19. It’s having a huge impact on hospitality, travel and tourism sectors within India and around the world. The impact to demand for hospitality and tourism is greater than many other industries, but it is mixed among hotels, air and cruise lines, and restaurants. With both business and leisure tourists cancelling and revoking the planned trips and not scheduling any trip for the near future in the lockdown period of pandemic. This lockdown of covid-19 had great impact on business as well as employment of these industries. Tourism and hospitality is a backbone of economy for many countries of the world. Tourism is a big source and always helpful in generating revenue and a mean of foreign exchange. Scenario in our country is not much different and Tourism contributes to GDP of this country in a big proportion. The crisis is already separating out conquerors and failures by those that had strong digital existences and strategies to drive up the business. The purpose of this study is to review the impact of coronavirus on hospitality and tourism industry.