Cyber Security Threats Post COVID-19

  • Mr. Rakesh L. Patil, Ms. Asmita Namjoshi


'History Repeats', In 2008 economic slowdown cybercriminals launched the cyberattacks on individuals as well as corporate. COVID-19 is also no exception for cyber attacks. Cybercriminals are using technical knowledge with social engineering methods to launch sophisticated attacks. Findings from Readsmith show that in the early stages of COVID-19 scams have increased by 400 % and criminals are taking full advantage of this situation. Cybercriminals know peoples are searching for safety information and they are more likely to fall into the trap laid by them, with the quarantine policy forcing companies to make an unprecedented transition to work from home policy, the atmosphere created by the pandemic helped cybercriminal and cons artist thrive. In this research paper; subsequent subject areas are discussed - Introduction to Cyber Security, Cyber Attacks related to COVID-19, and countermeasures.