Advantages and risks of Cloud computing Technology in small Business

  • Pournima K. Jangle


Cloud computing is the new emerging computer paradigm nowadays. Cloud technology is vastly adopted in modern business .Using Traditional way in businesses is now somewhat difficult to survive in market in today’s competitive world.  In old way of doing business, it consume time and money. Entrepreneur are   ready to adopt new technology in business for more profit in short time.

Using cloud computing they can store the huge amount of data in one place and can handle from anywhere. It will reduce the cost of hardware devices, administrative work  and software .It saves time and cost also. There are some risk factors and challenges as there are number of devices connected with each other in single place via internet. So there are  a high risk of data hacking .Security is the major concern in cloud computing. But using proper way cloud service provider can secure the data and protect it from hackers. In this paper we discuss that with implementing the   cloud computing technology in small businesses we can increase the growth  of business as well as profit , reduce cost and  can survive in market at today’s tough competition.