Internet of things and Big Data Analytics– Challenges

  • Deepmala A. Sharma


Internet of Things (IoT) is a name which can be found commonly in today’s world it is used in terms of objects that are embedded with software, sensors and other technologies that allow various devices to connect over the internet and exchanging information and data between them. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a common platform for millions of electronic devices to communicate with each other. There are several sensors continuously collecting and transmitting data from IoT devices and storing over cloud network. Data collected through smart devices are huge in size and currently data size has almost reached to petabytes. Future estimates rise in usage of IoT devices which will lead to rise in data too. Big data analytics is popularly used in managing voluminous data. Big data analytics is merged with IoT as a need for managing data that is obtained by IoT devices appropriately. Usage of Big data in IoT has already started creating its impact by storing, obtaining and analyzing data in a better way. The information obtained can be stored and used for critical data analysis and essential decision making. Data management in IoT is critical as well as challenging task which can be efficiently managed by powerful big data analytics. However still there is a need for improvement in the field. This paper focuses on the relationship between IoT and Big data analytics and the challenges that needs scope of improvement in the field for better data processing and analytical skill required for decision making.