An Analytical Study Of Existing Vulnerabilities In The Shipping Industry With Proposed Countermeasures.

  • Amit Kumar Sinha, Dr. Vijay Dhir


Shipping Industry is not so far from Cyber Attacks and many new incidents held, due to the lack of IT infrastructure security and the competency to handle such incidents. It includes the analytical study of the existing vulnerabilities and the security measures in the shipping Industries. It explains problems with industrial control systems and addresses serious shortcomings in the automatic recognition system, the electronic chart display information system, and the very small aperture terminals. These counter-measures are concerned with the 'defense-in-depth' principle and identify the mechanism and technological solutions. The maritime industry is also targeted and interlinked with cyber threats and attacks. Internet satellite ties on warships, offshore platforms, and even submarines are feasible and omnipresent. It enables services vital in the physically remote environment for protection and rescue operations, navigation, and connectivity. Remote process monitoring and machinery offer safety and productivity advantages and commercial demands force emerging technology to evolve and be adapted. These advances include the convergence of sensors, increased truth, and artificial intelligence, leading to Intelligence and Shipping Automation. Such autonomous ship operations in international waters are expected by 2035. The paper provides the foundation for future study, helps to map risks, and deter cyber-attacks from the maritime environment.