An Internet Of Things To Optimize Human Task Using Artificial Intelligence

  • Dr.Nagaraj Bhat, Dr. Santosh M Herur , Dr.Madhusudan Kulkarni


In Huge Expansion, The Technology Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) And The Internet Of Things (Iot) Is A Natural Compliment. All Objects In The Universe Are Connected To Iot Through The Network. Many Network Adapters Provide A Vast Amount Of Data So That Iot Devices Provide Infinite Chip And Sensor Readings To Inspire People In Different Areas. The Substantial Amount Of Data Provided By Iot Devices Cannot Be Handled And Processed By Human And Computer Software. Those Are Thus Helped By Artificial Intelligence And Algorithms For Machine Learning. The Reasonable Solution AI Allows For The Management Of The Different Related Iot Components. In This Paper Designers Present A New, Sophisticated Health Care Infrastructure Focused On State-Of-The-Art Innovations Such As The Iot And Artificial Intelligence. This Is Smart Enough For A Patient To Feel And Analyze Data In A Framework For Supporting Medical Decision-Making. Lung Cancer Has Now Been Described As A Deadly Illness That Significantly Raises The Worldwide Death Rate. The Main Purpose Of This Paper Is To Identify Lung Cancer Tumors From The Provided Lung Image And To Determine The Incidence And Severity Of Lung Cancer. The Successful Image Classification Technique, Particularly In Medical Imaging, Now Serves As A Support Vector Machine (SVM). The Support Vector Machine Can Identify The Abnormal Lung Stage (SVM). Moreover, The Overall Grade Accuracy Of 98.34%  Is Considerably Greater Than The Approaches Compared.