A Study On Training Importance For Employees Work Performance And Productivity In In Industry

  • Sule Bipin Subodh, Dr. Deepak Kumar


Training is vital to any company. Employee training is essential for an organization’s success. By implementing a training program, you can save your company thousands of dollars a year. Not only will the savings pay off for your company, but you can increase productivity from your employees. Training is very much Important and benefits in all the hierarchical levels of the employees for improving their performance. This study gives a clear understanding about the effectiveness and Importance of the training in respect of employees’ performance in the organization. For entry level employees training is very important as well as must for their respective Job. At the same time training would help all levels of employees in their enhancement of their performance on day today bases. Training is not only enhancing their performance also help employees to upgrade their knowledge as well skills in respective of their specialized job as per the current market trends. The primary purpose of organization training is to provide the skills; employees need to make your business better overall. In essence, trained employees can help to achieve high quality performance in a shorter time period.