Smart Classroom Using Augmented Reality Technology

  • ShielaDavid, Amrit Srivastava, C. Soumyadipta Ghosh, Pratibha Sarkar


Education system is changing day by day and many technology were implemented for education like virtual reality, machine learning, mobile applications, neural network, IOT and many more, but if we want a virtual experience in real time frame then it was only a dream. But now this is possible with the help of augmented reality which is a new technology and it shows the world how it is so beneficial in every industry like education,healthcare, manufacturing and many more. So in this project we are going to implement it in a classroom so that to make education look more simple and practical. Augmented Reality is technology in which virtual image,video, audio, 3D objects are placed in the real environment. This technology will help us in creating a functional application which will help to build a smart classroom. The students will learn the entire bookish thing in more practical way using augmented objects. Augmented reality also can help medical as well as industrial sector to accomplish a new height.