Optimization Of Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO System

  • R.S.Mathubala, A.S.Asma, S.Divyabharathi, B.Lavenya, V.Haripriya


With the explosive growth of mobile communications, the fifth generation (5G) mobile network would exploit the large amount of spectrum within the millimeter wave (mmWave) bands to greatly increase communication capacity. In terms of high propagation loss, directivity and sensitivity to blockage there are basic differences between mmWave communications and other existing communication systems.Several challenges to completely exploiting the potential of mmWave communications, including integrated circuits and system design, spatial reuse, , interference management, anti-blockage and dynamics control are the characteristics of mmWave communications. To address these challenges, we took a survey of existing system and standards and propose design guidelines in architectures and protocols for mmWave communications and ant colony algorithm. Ant colony algorithm is used to find a route from source node to receiver. The potential applications of mmWave communications in the 5G network, including the tiny cell access, the cellular access and therefore the wireless backhaul is discussed. Finally, we discuss relevant open research issues including the new physical layer technology, software defined specification , measurements of network state information, efficient control mechanisms, and heterogeneous networking, which should be further analysed to facilitate the deployment of mmWave communication systems  within the  upcoming 5Gnetworks.