Designofmicrostrippatchantenna Using Hfss

  • B.Manjurega,S.Keerthiga,S.Keerthana,P.Hamsavarthini,P.Kathirvel


A two linear micro strip circular patch antenna has been proposed. The antenna design hasbeen validated by using High Frequency Structure Simulator Software (HFSS). The circular patchantenna is having different characteristics and dimensions. The antenna is positioned orthogonally toachieve excellentpolarization diversity. The antenna is mounted on a Roger’s 5880 RT/duroidsubstrate (tm) and also contacting feeding technique is employed. The contacting feeding techniquehelps the antenna to reduce the interference between the patches. The substrate is having a density of1.6mm which makes the antennamorestrengthen. Thus the antenna works at the operatingfrequencyof 2.5 GHz which is utilized in the WIMAX applications. The power distribution on those circularmetal patches is same and the performance of an antenna is analyzed .Two linear micro strip circularpatch antennaachieves again of 7.61dB, andtheVSWRachievedby theantennais 1.15.Areasonable agreement of return loss is achieved. In addition, various shapes of the antenna arediscussed to see the performance of an antenna the parameters like VSWR, gain, and directivity,returnlossis calculated