Design Of Broadband Microstrip Circular Patch Antenna Loaded With Mushroom-Type Arrays

  • R. Satheesh Kumar, V. Kavya, M. Naveen, A. Siva


With the development of 5G communication, the wideband and high-gain antennas are in great demand. However, the conventional microstrip antenna suffers from the drawback of narrow bandwidth, which restricts its applications in wireless communication. This project presents a broadband microstrip circular patch antenna with a simple geometry. Two mushroom-type arrays are placed along with the two radiating edges of a main radiating circular patch. The antenna is constructed on a RT/Rogers 5880 substrate and co-axial feeding technique is employed. The current distributions on the patches are uniform so that high gain is achieved over the entire operating bandwidth. The proposed antenna is validated and analysed using ANSYS HFSS software. The simulated results shows that the antenna operates at 12.38 GHz to 16.82 GHz bandwidth below|S11| -10 dB with less return loss and a peak gain of around 9.48 dB is achieved. Hence the proposed antenna has a wider bandwidth of 4.44 GHz in Ku-band frequency range and so, can be used in Ku-band frequency applications. Also, the proposed antenna is easy to fabricate and it is a low-profile antenna.