Attribute Based Usability Metric Framework for Mobile Applications

  • Srinadh Swamy Majeti, Barnabas Janet, Narendra P Dhavale


The world becomes more technologically transformed and integrated society raises tremendous challenges for IT industry, especially for mobile computing. Mobile technology advancements have allowed the development of a vast variety of applications that can be used by people quick and easy. The usage of mobile applications in smartphones has increased significantly in recent years, enabling consumers to execute more activities in a mobile environment. necessitating greater focus on the usability of their technological products and, as a result, the rigorous implementation of Usability Engineering (UE) processes. Many researchers suggested that efficiency, effectiveness and user satisfaction are the attributes which defines the usability of mobile applications. But, in addition to these three, there are other attributes which affects the usability of mobile applications. We identified 29 attributes will affect the usability of mobile applications and by using these attributes, in this paper, we defined usability metric framework for mobile applications. We defined metrics for every usability attribute so that organizations can evaluate the usability of mobile applications by using this metrics. Around 144 usability metrics are defined in this work. All the usability evaluations are reported according to ISO 25066 standard. Usability Capability Maturity Level of the app defined according to ISO 15504 standard.