Covid-19 -Based Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring System Using Deep Learning & Iot Principles For Pulmonary Breathing Problem Patients

  • Y. Swapna, G. Sirisha, Dr G. Anitha Mary, G.Aparna, Kadiyala Ruthvik, B.Suneela


The goal of the presented research is to use deep learning methodologies based on Convolution Neural Networks to assist medical experts by providing a detailed and rigorous analysis of medical respiratory audio data for covid-19 breathing problem detection. We used a VG-19, CNN, and machine learning library feature called MFCC in our proposed method. Machine learning and deep learning technologies have recently played an important role in providing assistive solutions to medical domain challenges. They also use medical audio analysis to improve predictive accuracy for early and timely disease detection. The proposed system's goal is to develop a user-friendly, portable, and reasonably priced external mobile device accessory that records and stores a patient's Peak Expiratory Flow.. However, by providing proper treatment to covid-19 breathing problem patients, we can control and prevent this disease. By receiving buzzer sound produced by buzzer, the patient can also avoid the specific location where they are unable to survive. We've also developed a custom software interface for wireless data transmission. Intense Health Analyzing Scheme provides all provisions to clients such as Doctors and Patients with respect to monitoring the patient details from anywhere at any time. The Fog Computing is an innovative domain, in which it provides ability to the server to operate based on hurdle free processing logic. In traditional schemes it is difficult to raise an alert based on the emergency situation predictions, but in the proposed deep learning strategy, the proposed approach will send an alert instantly if any emergency cases occurred on patient end. Due to a scarcity of trained human resources, medical practitioners are grateful for technological assistance because it allows them to deal with more patients. Aside from critical health diseases like cancer and diabetes, the impact of respiratory diseases is gradually increasing and becoming life-threatening for society in this covid -19 scenario. In respiratory diseases, early diagnosis and treatment are critical, so the audio of respiratory sounds is proving to be very useful in alerting doctors to patients in an emergency situation who require immediate attention in this covid-19 situation.