Ai-Powered Real-Time Fever Detection System with Face Recognition in Covid-19 Screening

  • Dr Aparna A. Junnarkar


The rapid growth of COVID-19 across the world is developing an enormous stress on the global healthcare systems which is due to the fact that the vaccine has not been successfully developed yet. In this crisis time, many of the technology driven organizations across the globe are putting the huge efforts along with healthcare organizations, to provide the various novel technological based solutions. Few of the companies have developed the advanced modules like AI-driven detection cameras for the simultanuous temparature screening of many people at a time. For instance, the AI based Fever Detection Cameras from IN Depth can prevent the contamination of any viral kind of disease such as COVID-19 by detecting the rise in the temperature of every individual. Such systems can take the advantages of AI technology and provide the data analytics for the detection and assessment of rise in body temperatures. An AI-driven system made using the combination of thermal imaging module and visible sensors can become a very potential tool to determine the fever in the human body.

This system can provide the screening of 30 people per second at the safe distance with seamless and very fast assessment. It also provides the extreme image and scenario search features, along with gender, age, expressions, goggles, moustache, masks and no masks, etc. Also, it can support the most 3rd party scene analytics to provide the very rich features or scenarios like safe social distance practice, coughing/sneezeing identification, voice and face recognition for key-less entrance system, etc.