A Comparative Study on Estimating Project Combined with Different Clustering Techniques

  • Dr. M. Padmaja, Dr. D. Haritha,Dr.Susmitha Valli.Gogula


The challenge of the manager is accurately estimating the projects. The objective of the developer is to provide the product within specified type and reach to customer expectations. In order to this, management or development teams properly estimate the project in the areas of effort, cost and schedule. To achieve this, they are used suitable or an efficient method. Here, propose Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) and also combined this model with different clustering techniques. The interesting task of the developer is the selection of equal project from historical projects for the present project. From the historical data, we can choose nearer the project of our current project, but it can be difficult because it consists of many projects. So, the inventor will apply the clustering method to divide the data set into ā€˜nā€™ number of clusters, it can help to choose the closest project of the current project and also helps to estimate the effort in less time. Finally, projected method can be evaluated using some metrics.