Multiagent Intelligent System For Driver Alertness In Indian Super Highway – A Road Map Survey

  • V. Subapriya, Dr. K. L. Shunmuganathan


In the day today life, fast moving vehicles are inevitable. People tend to move from one to another swiftly irrespective of any changing environment. In these circumstances roads plays a key role and acts as major environmental factors to get rid of the obstacles faced on road for every vehicle. On the other hand driver plays an additional important role and acts as a mjor key player for implementing and testing any system that supports the environment factors. In this article we have measured the factors affecting driver performance like laziness, drowsiness, alertness and skillfulness that justifies the performance measures of the overall system. The functionality is measured with the individual parameter and compares the result with one or more system and gives out the optimized results. The proposed survey gives the better clarity in terms of the system analysis for efficient security intelligent.