Democratic Values and Leadership Skills Among Students at Higher Level

  • Dr. Kshama Pandey, Dr. Neeraj Kumar


Today educational institutions are providing democratic environments which foster civic engagement among students. On the other hand, the educational system also leverages society. The required competencies for democratic values and leadership do not generate spontaneously in students. Training democratic values and leadership skills means preparing students who will sustain and build democratic world for the future. Therefore democratic values and leadership skills should be the part of the teaching learning process. Students should learn tolerance and also take responsibility to fight against injustice. This study made an attempt to compare democratic values and leadership skills of students belonging to B.Ed. and M.B.A. courses respectively. 70 students were selected as the sample of the study. Result reveals that MBA students have exhibited more democratic values in comparison to B.Ed. students while the students of both streams have relative leadership skills.