A New Approach For Image Transmission For Advanced Wireless Communication Applications

  • Dr. M. Rajani Devi, G.Aparna,Koteswararao Seelam ,Mankala. Narender,M.Kezia Joseph,aya lakshmi Athukuri


 Endoscopy is an invasive procedure used for the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases. It plays a great deal in the medical field as it saves human life. Capsule Pill Camera is a device equipped with a miniature video camera to visualize the small intestine. The proposed System use IoT to access Pill Camera Endoscopy images and stored in the cloud, it helps individuals to perform health check at regular intervals and produce dynamic health reports on the health-related problems that individuals may face. This novel system helps a quick and accurate diagnostic tool to detect gastrointestinal abnormalities. The images imposed to various processing steps like filtering, noise cancellation and enhanced to improve the efficiency, cloud computing technology used to diagnose and identify the diseases.  The control of capsule functionality is made with the help of the Internet of Things