Automatic Surveillance using Drone Technology

  • G.Aparna, P.Hema Sree, Dr.Nagajyothi Dimmita ,Mrs.Nandini, M.Kezia Joseph


The goal of this proposed method is to design an X-shaped quad copter drone that can fly safely and reliably while also housing a camera with a wireless transmission system for real-time surveillance and a battery swapping mechanism. The transmitter-receiver section of our project is where it all starts. (two) By pressing the Arm and Disarm buttons on the controller, the Pixhawk must first be turned on. After this step is completed, the quad copter is made to move in the desired direction using Electronic Speed Control (ESC). The ESC is a device that connects to the controller and allows it to use the controller's inputs to control the motor's speed. This is an excellent example. How the movement of the quad copter is controlled Surveillance is carried out with the help of a mobile phone mounted on the quad copter. The Raspberry Pi OS allows you to view and save the video or image file that was captured. The landing platform must be large enough for the drone to land safely.