Impact of complex and contrast training On biochemical variables among sportsmen

  • Dr.S.Mohanasundaram, Dr.A.Sridharan


The aims of this experimental analysis were to examine the effects of two different strength and power training. (Complex: CMX and Contrast: CNT training) lower body strength is assigned with repetition maximum (1RM). CMX is one of the most advanced forms of sports training; it combines with resistance training and plyometric training. It has intense strength exercise followed by a plyometric exercise (ex: Squat followed by vertical jump). CNT is the back to back combination training it includes resistance and plyometric exercises. To achieve these study 45 men physical education students were acted as subjects. This consists of three equal groups (N=15). Group 1 treated as CMX, Group 2 treated as CNT and Group 3 treated as CG. The subjects were tested on selected criterion variables viz, total protein, iron, Glucose (blood sugar) and creatinine. The duration of training was 12 weeks and the level of significance 0.05 was fixed. The Calculated data of before-test and after- test were mathematical tool by using analysis of covariance (ANCOVA).  The results shows that the complex training group showed better improvement on total protein, creatinine and contrast training group showed better improvement on blood sugar and iron. It is concluded that complex training and contrast training is advantageous training for physical education students and sportsmen.