Real Time Email Alert For Visitor Monitoring System For Surveillance Applications

  • Sunitha L, Dr. Harish H M, Dr. Yedukondalu U


The design and implementation of the Visitor Monitoring and Email Alert System (VMES) for Surveillance Applications is the focus of this paper. This framework is primarily focused on achieving a cost-effective VMES in public locations such as railway stations, bus stations, government offices, schools, universities, and other similar locations, with the aim of improving current visitor tracking in log book registers through security personnel and information management practices. In a variety of commercial and non-commercial contexts, people are observed and visitors are welcomed. The number of people entering or leaving stores, the occupancy of office buildings, and the passenger count of commuter trains all provide valuable data to shop keepers and advertisers, police officers, and train operators. In particular, VMES eliminates the need for security personnel to manually record visitor details during visitor registration by using a log book register. The VMES allows for the retrieval of visitor information from the device, which is then used to verify their identification as they reach campus premises. According to this report, the percentage of improvement achieved by using VMES is 30 to 60% higher than that achieved by manual recording, while the percentage of improvement achieved by using VMES for a current visitor scheme is 80 to 90%. This study's additional analysis includes the use of email alert authentication methods such as images and video clips to replace the existing manual recording process with a faster reading speed, as well as a notification mechanism to notify the visitor's arrival to the visiting person.