Can the use of Kali Linux Penetration Testing tools be affected by Learning Styles: The relationship between usage of Kali Linux Penetration Testing tools and Learning Styles in Saudi Arabian Universiti

  • Dr. Abdulrahman Alghamdi


Usage of technology in our daily life is increasing rapidly in recent years. One of the main techniques to train penetration testing according to learners learning styles. Knowing the style of the learner encourages processing and understanding of the information. This research aims to explore the preferred learning style of students of penetration testing, measure the relationship between students' learning styles and students' performance, and validate the research results by interviewing experts. The instruments used in this research were both VARK questionnaire, exam tests, and interviews. A significant correlation was found between "Visual" learning style and student's performance, and a significant correlation between "Kinesthetic" learning style student's performance. In contrast, other learning styles did not show any significant correlation with student's performance. The researcher recommends taking into consideration students' learning styles when training them in Penetration Testing as every individual student learns differently.