Forecasting Covid-19 Confirmed Cases Deaths Andrecoveredusing Vector Autoregression

  • Dr. N. Poompavai


This article is about the recent complications faced by the people and government of the entire world. Thecomplication is all about an infectious disease caused by Anewlydiscoveredviruscalledcoronavirus (covid- 19). This has caused heavy damage to people in the society and also to the government. It took over lakhsofpeople’slivesanddreams.Insuchcasesthegovernmentneedstotakeprecaution.Theyshould be able to predict the future using the statistical report. Here in this article we have used a VectorAutoRegression algorithm for time series data to predict the future which shows how many people ofIndia are going to be affected, recovered and etc in the next five days. We have done this using the statistical report of India. We have proved this with good accuracy. This article is highly useful to predict the future and using this government can take precaution before the outbreak of an pandemic may cause damage or loss to the society.