Cmos Rf Transceiver For Wireless Sensor Networks In Medical Field

  • Chandrasekhar Kandagatla, Dr. Prabhu G. Benakop


“Wireless sensor network cost reduction has become a critical necessity for expanding their use in fields where a large number of sensors are needed. For analog sensors, the traditional method of using multichannel analog-to-digital converters and/or analog multiplexers would not result in a price reduction. Furthermore, the analog multiplexer adds to the measurement error. The developed advanced, stable, yet cost-effective sensor nodes architectures are described in detail in this paper and are suitable for further integration in a node on chip. These sensor nodes can operate with a wide range of analog and quasi-digital sensors and transducers, and their sensing subsystem allows for the best metrological results. A comprehensive comparative study of sensor node's architectures and sensing sub-systems are presented.