Fake Product Identification Using Blockchain Technology

  • Tarannum J. Sayyad , Adil Tofiq Mulla, Vaishnavi Sanjaysinh Rajput, Mukesh Janardhan Pandit , Devisha Babasaheb Palkar


Blockchain innovations have acquired interest in the course of the most recent years. One of the most talked about issues is currency  exchange, but its application is not limited only to Digital currency. So it has the potential to influence different business sectors. Blockchain technology has brought greater transparency and ease in large transactions. We can detect counterfeit goods using blockchain technology. This paper is to unravel various cases in the anti-counterfeit areas. The question that arises when buying any item in today's world is whether it is fake or not. And the lack of these things has been shown a huge impact on economic progress. Therefore, in order to curb all counterfeit goods, it is important to bring transparency about the goods to the notice of the consumers. The growing presence of counterfeit and unsafe products in the world is a cause for concern and blockchain technology has taken the next step towards its complete annihilation. Not only the use of technology will reduce the production of counterfeit goods, but everyone needs to be aware of this. By producing and packaging the right items each of those items needs to be given a digital code with its own identity. This research paper proposes the prototype for identification of counterfeit products using blockchain technology. It discusses the software implementation process in which the product code is scanned using this application and then verify if  the given product is counterfeit or not.