Hierarchical encryption algorithm to secure data fragments in cloud computing

  • Archana M , Mallikarjuna Shastry P M


The amount of data getting generated from various resources such as social networking sites, Sensors in IOT devices etc.., which needs to be stored and processed  increasing day by day starting from mega bytes to peta bytes and then to zeta bytes. This data can be stored either on server or database but the problem is when it needs to be accessed effectively and also securing this data. Storing real time data and protecting it on server is very tedious task. Today the technology has changed, in order to store data, no need to invest huge amount on physical Infrastructures and also the application software’s to store data onto servers. Most of the companies and organizations started using cloud system like MS-AZURE, AWS etc.., to store their data.  Cloud Services providers are making task to store and process the data very easy. Initially the data will be divided into number of fragments and then it will be stored in the cloud. But the major concern in this process is security as cloud is maintained by the third part, the trust comes into consideration then how to protect this data it is a biggest challenge. There are so many techniques used by cloud service providers like regular login authentication, RSA, DES algorithms to protect the data. Still the security problem lies with cloud as these are maintained by the third party. The proposed system in this paper will uses the new way of protecting the data, once the data has been divided into fragments. And the encrypted fragment needs to be protected from hackers after storing it on to the cloud. The data needs to be collected back when it is needed and Decryptit to use it further. The algorithm used in this paper is to implement encryption to protect data after defragmentation is secured e-book System with randomization. This method really helps cloud users to protect their data effectively with an efficient system.