Medicinal Plants Research In India 2009-2018 : A Bibliometric Profile

  • G.Radha, Dr. A.Thirumagal,


Medicinal plants are very useful for human life. Medicinal plants is nature and very safe as there is no side effects. The use of medicinal treatments is independent of any age groups. . The researcher data’s from web of science with the keyword of “Medicinal Plants” in the title field and in addressas India. The researcher limited the year from 2009 to 2018 and 3325 data collected from Web of Science. The downloaded data was analyses with Bibexcel software and Pajek tool. Most of the authors are interested to publish in the journal as article. This study was focus on publishing Authorship Pattern,Language, and Citation and Collaborate countries also. Frequently used in English language . Authorship paten Single author 77 , Joint author 600, Ten author published in 50 more than ten author published 69.Highly collaborate with India in Saudi Arabia was115 and USA was 113 joint  paper publish .Top ten citation analysis in CR field use top of the Murashige T,1962,V15,P473, Physiol Plantarumin  306 publication . The Choice of the Unit os analysis and of the Initial set as a strong influence on the measures and result of any bibliometic study 5.  Bibliometric a systematic mapping study to identity categories and analyses existing   literature related. The most commonly used the metric method for the analysis of past present and future scientific developments 6. The Area of Research in terms of the top countries top organization to authors and finally using the parameter space. In this paper it is argued that multiple applications of indicators can show the contempoarystatus of nanotechnology development in india7.In India the national Institutional Ranking Framwork (NIRF) approved by ministry of human resource and development ranking based teaching , learning and resources7.