Deduplication Of Data In Cloud With Enhanced Security

  • mrs.M.Mythili, mr.S.Simonthomas


Data deduplication is the most important mechanism for data compression for removing identical copies of recurrent data, and it has been broadly used in cloud environment to reliquary the amount of storage warehouse and saves the bandwidth of data. To preserve the confidentiality of the sensitive and secure data as uphold de duplication, this convergent encryption algorithm has been proposed to convert cipher text before it outsourcing. To conserve the information security, this concept makes to appear the difficulty of authorized data de duplication. Dissension from conventional de duplication systems, the different access specifies to users are also considered in duplicate checking for the metadata. This concept also presents various new de duplication techniques for supporting the authorized duplicate investigate in hybrid cloud computing architecture. The security analysis helps to safeguard the proposed model of security protection. As a evidence of this concept, can develop a prototype for proposed authorized duplicate investigate mechanism and conduct of testing using this proposed prototype techniques. To present that the proposed method of authorized duplicate investigate scheme cause the minimal overhead reconciled to ordinary operations. To ensure data confidentiality this data is stored in an cipher technique using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.