Computational Technique to Identify Specific Disciplines for Academic Programs

  • Shaik Sajida Sultana, M.Chithambarathanu, Anjaneyulu Nelluru, Sajja Radharani


Although the scope will continue to change as new trends, technologies and requirements emerge each year, there are many possibilities and scope in almost every sector. They have no idea what branch of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) has a good reach over the next few years. Our frame consists of a simulated test of students that will pursue the B.Tech program. It offers numerous specialties to pursue and students choose one according to their interests and sometimes they compromise because of their grades. There are countless examples of prolific engineers from every B. Tech. Branches. Before selecting an engineering branch, the main question you need to ask yourself is whether you are enthusiastic about this particular sector. Just if you choose a course based on the possibilities of your activity, you will be stuck in a course that you despise at that point and you have to work to complete it. At this point, you will be taken into a profession for which you have neither the ability nor the enthusiasm. So it is important to look for a branch of one's passion. Here, we predict a student's class according to his or her knowledge. As our system consists of a mock test and based on the results the student will get to know which particular branch that the student can enroll in according to their ability. So that in the future, they can succeed without having the feeling of having chosen an off-base group.