A Study On Farmers’ Production Of Traditional Rice Varieties In Thanjavur District Of Tamilnadu

  • S.Karpagalakshmi, Dr.K.Brindha


Food culture is staring all over countries in the world. The food culture is tied with the human being. The technology and science are grown day by day. But the food habits are followed as culture and tradition of the people. Thanjavur District is one of the Districts in Tamilnadu. It has the oldest history and culture. It is very popular in Architecture, agriculture and temples. The traditional rice varieties of Tamilnadu are Mappillai Samba , Karuppu kavuni, Karunguruvai, Atthur Kichali Samba, Thanga Samba, Vadan Samba, Iluppaipoo Samba, Garudan Samba, Anai komban,Ganda Sali, Chinnar, Kala namak, etc., The study has the objective to study the traditional rice varieties produced by the farmers of Thanjavur District in Tamilnadu. The Thanjavur District is the major rice producing region in that. The traditional rice varieties are cultivated in this District. The farmers are cultivated mostly Mappillai Samba, Karuppu Kavuni, Poongar, Sornamasuri and Kullakkar rice varieties. The study was descriptive in nature. Simple Random sampling method was adopted in this study. In Thanjavur District has 10 Blocks. Out of 10 Blocks, Kumbakonam, Pattukottai and Thanjavur Blocks were selected. In Each block, 50 farmers were selected randomly with the total of 150 respondents. 82 % of the respondents were more than 5 years’ experience in the cultivation of traditional rice in the study area.It was found that 78 % of the respondents were taken high yield of production with 25to 30 bags. From this study, the farmers are to be concentrate about the seed selection, nursery, planting, preparation of land; planting technology, crop, insects and water management are the important factors to produce the traditional rice varieties in Tamilnadu.