An Improved Framework for Bitmap Indexes and their Use in Data Warehouse Optimization

  • Dr. J. Preetha, Dr. S. Lavanya, Dr. T. Kowsalya, Dr. C. Selvi, M. Ganthimathi


Compression technique is basically used to compress the size of table or reduce the storage area. Oracle already gives this feature for the table compression as well as for the index compression. when index is created on particular column of a table then it contain some space, which require some storage or disk space by this technique we can save our disk space because in industry the company have to purchase the disk space  according to the size of the their data and pay according to their disk space. To utilize this disk space for useful records data rather than wasting it. In this paper used the data pump utility for the compression of Bitmap index and table. Data pump utility performed for the logical backups in this paper implemented data pump for compression, to release the space and change the index pointing location. It will not release the space even after deletion of records. This is of special interest for the case to compress the bitmap index and table space along with the’S (Data Manipulation Language).